Setting the standards; the difference between good and outstanding

CareConnect is our innovative digital care planning and home management system for our care homes, that can be used by staff, residents and family. Designed and tested by our dedicated team of technology developers and guided by our skillful care team, CareConnect sits at the heart of our business to ensure every home runs smoothly and professionally.

CareConnect is an expert care planning tool, but there are a whole host of other features that will simplify our care teams day-to-day responsibilities; reducing the need for paper records and allowing staff to monitor outstanding tasks at a glance. Below you can see the benefits:

  • Save time and money
  • Meet regulations
  • Access anywhere
  • Keeping everything together
  • Realtime reporting and feedback

Other key features of our system include:

  • The ability to invoice residents or relatives; pay staff, manage rosters and assign tasks; manage shared calender's and room booking system
  • Managing your residents' health information, such as administering and managing medicines, recording allergies and dietary requirements, booking health visits and appointments and uploading healthcare documents directly from any device
  • Residents can video call, chat and share photos with family and friends. They can even coordinate their care or contact a care assistant in an emergency