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As an operator of luxury resorts and care homes our commitment to ensure the optimum experience for every stakeholder, whether an investor, resort guest, care home resident or member of our family of employees, led us to actively innovate our service. In the interest of creating added value for guests and streamlining our operations we have created and implemented several user-friendly tools, the likes of which have amplified our service to new heights.
Carlauren Connect
Carlauren Connect is our innovative digital care planning and home management system for our care homes, that can be used by staff, residents and family. Designed and tested by our dedicated team of technology developers and guided by our skilful care team, Carlauren Connect sits at the heart of our business to ensure every home runs smoothly and professionally. Carlauren Connect is an expert care planning tool, but there are a whole host of other features that will simplify our care teams day-to-day responsibilities; reducing the need for paper records and allowing staff to monitor outstanding tasks at a glance.
Cristian Condurache
Head of Technology
Cristian has more than 15 years experience in the IT, financial and electronic applied sectors. He is a “Technology visionary”, “Infrastructure commander” and focused on customer relations.
Cristian worked for companies in various markets such as insurance, banking, eCommerce and computer networking services.
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